Volleyball Rules – Detailed Explanation of How to Play and the Court

Bookmaker Game Bài Đổi Thưởng There is always a variety of sports, Volleyball rules These are the regulations you need to know when practicing and competing. Even when betting, you should know the rules of the game to easily follow the match. Join Game Bài Đổi Thưởng casino to learn in the article below about this attractive sport.
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Some details about volleyball

Before going in Volleyball rules, let’s learn a little about this sport. This is an Olympic sport with two teams competing against each other and separated by a net. Teams will bring the ball into the opponent’s infield to score points. 

Volleyball originated in America and was created by a physical education teacher with the original name Mintonette. This sport can be played indoors and has an unlimited number of players.

Currently, volleyball has many different ways to play. There are 3 popular forms of play used when competing such as indoor volleyball, air volleyball, and beach volleyball. 

Introduction to the rules and how to play volleyball

This sport is a competition between two teams, each team consists of 6 people and separated by a net. When organizing practice and competition, the organizing unit needs to meet the following conditions. 

Regulations on the playing field

Volleyball rules There are special regulations in the stadium to ensure the safety of athletes. 

  • The playing field is a rectangular field with dimensions of 18m x 9m (length x width). Each field is divided into two halves measuring 9m x 9m and separated by a net placed in the middle of the field. 
  • The net size for the women’s court is 2.24m high and for the men’s court it is 2.43m.
  • The playing field can be wooden floor, hard floor or a specialized PVC volleyball court (vinyl carpet) with a flat surface. 

Regulations on volleyballs used in FIVB competitions

Volleyball rules Due to FIVB regulations, the ball used during competition must be made from leather or artificial leather that can compress the air inside. The circumference of the ball is 65 – 67cm, the weight is from 260 – 280g and the pressure inside the ball is from 3 – 3.25N/cm2.

How to start playing volleyball rules

Before starting, the two teams will determine which side will serve first with a coin. After that, the members must by all means bring the ball to the opponent’s court with a maximum of 3 hits. Each time the ball touches the floor or any team commits a foul, each ball phase ends. 

Volleyball matches usually last 3 – 5 rounds, each round will end if a team wins 25 points. In the 5th round, if there is any, the maximum number of points is 15. The team that wins more rounds wins overall. If 1 team wins in the first 3 rounds, the match will end.

Rules used when playing basic volleyball

Latest volleyball rules Clear regulations for each situation on the field. If you want to compete or watch matches live, you need to know the following. 

  • A volleyball team only has a maximum of 6 people on the field, divided into two rows of 3 people each. 
  • During a ball phase, an athlete may not hit twice in a row except when jumping to block the ball on the net. 
  • The team that hits the ball into the net or goes out will win the opponent’s point. 
  • Volleyball players have the right to use every part of their body to touch the ball. However, you will be breaking the law if it is determined to catch, hold and throw the ball away.

Volleyball rules regulate the kicking of the ball

Just kicking the ball has many related issues that athletes must know when starting out. 
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  • According to Volleyball rules When serving the ball, the athlete must toss the ball with one hand and the other hand can directly hit the ball. If the athlete just tossed the ball but did not hit it, the ball must be replayed. 
  • A successful shot means the ball must be able to pass through the opponent’s court without touching the net and without going out. If the ball goes out, the opponent scores a point. 
  • At the beginning of the match, the two teams will draw lots or toss a coin to serve first. 
  • After the referee blows the whistle, the kicker only has a maximum of 8 seconds to pass the ball. If the ball is not kicked within this time, the right will belong to the other team. 
  • The kicker needs to be in the right position, not allowed to go out or else it will have to be replayed.
  • The team serving the ball must not stand and block the opponent’s view. When receiving the ball, the other pair must catch the ball at least once to be able to hit the ball and score legally. 


Above are some of the regulations Volleyball rules issued by FIVB. Once competing, both the organization and the athletes must comply with these contents. If you want to know more interesting news about different types of sports, don’t forget to visit Game Bài Đổi Thưởng everyday. 

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