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Best guns to look for in COD Mobile Season 1 2022

COD Mobile Season 1 2022 is here, and it comes loaded with new satisfaction to plunge into.

Assuming that you are hoping to overwhelm COD Mobile matches in Season 1 2022, you want to pick unquestionably the best weapons.

Top meta weapons in COD Mobile Season 1 2022

We’ve made this rundown by investigating the present status of the meta, all the weapon balance changes, guide changes, and all the new satisfied included the game. Then we took all that information and tried the combat hardware in-game.


Presently, moving along, we should bounce straight into our rundown.


Best attack rifle (AR): Type 25

Assuming you are following us intently, you know that the Man-O-War has been ruling our arrangements of top attack rifles for quite a while. However, it’s at last time for a change in 2022.

Type 25 is our new most loved attack rifle. Because of its fantastic fire rate and harm, Type 25 gloats fabulous TTK, and it is especially lethal in close-quarter experiences. Pair that with very high portability, and you will get a flexible weapon that will work well for you in different circumstances.


Best SMG: PP19 Bizon

The PP19 has gotten a few in number buffs in the Season 1 2022 update, and after testing them, we can securely say that the PP19 is currently the most grounded SMG in COD Mobile Season 1. It has a vastly improved harm range and higher headshot and chest harm multipliers.

Best sharpshooter/marksman rifle: MK2 Carbine


When it comes to the sniper rifle on call of duty mobile there are not a great choice as competitive as MK2 Carbine. It is the default choice for many gamers for snipping at a long distance. So it is undoubtedly the best sniper rifle in the game.

The rifles’ superior quality stems from the reality that it has the force of a “genuine” sharpshooter while at the same time being light and simple to control, which is an ideal combo for a versatile mid-range style of play.


What’s more, if you like quick scoping (we as a whole do!), the MK2 Carbine, with the right connections, is just an ideal decision for you.


Best light-assault rifle (LMG): Holger 26

The Chopper is getting sidelined for the primary period of 2022, and on second thought, we are allowing the Holger 26 an opportunity.


The Holger 26 has somewhat low harm, yet it balances that with its crazy fire rate, long harm reach, and excellent controllability.

We love this LMG because it permits you to draw in from a protected distance and cover a vast region with persistent fire while cautiously drawing nearer because of its genuinely great portability.


Best shotgun: KRM-262

The KRM-262 turned out to be the best shotgun of the last COD Mobile season in 2021 and keeps on being the most incredible in Season 1 2022.


We love this shotgun because it has crazy harm yield combined with high portability and vital precision, which gives players enough skill to make fast transforms in jam-packed spaces and shoot foes into bits.


The main drawback is its ludicrously sluggish shoot rate, which leaves you incredibly helpless if you miss your shots.


Our rundown of best weapons in COD Mobile Season 1 2022 is finished!


It is vital to take note that there are other extraordinary weapons in the meta right now, as engineers are accomplishing phenomenal work with adjusting, so if you would rather not play with firearms presented here, look at our level records for each class and discover some other top-level weapons that suit your playstyle better.

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