BK8 Big and Small – The Secret to Conquering the Game of the Master

Nhà cái bk8 Tai Sui is the choice of many brothers when coming to this online playground. Although the rules of the game are quite simple, easy to play, easy to win, but not all brothers make money when leaving the betting table. So how to win every time down the money, receive a big bonus of the house? All the secrets of conquering Tai Xiu you need to know will be revealed soon.

1.Basic information about BK8

Maybe for many brothers, the game is too familiar because this game has existed for hundreds of years. Later, when 4.0 technology developed, the game was changed to online play form, making it easy for players to access and participate at any time.

Basically, the game BK8 Sic Bo has the same way of playing as before. The dealer will use 3 dice to play. Each ball has a total of 6 faces, each face is numbered from 1 to 6. The player’s task is to bet the outcome after the dealer rolls the dice and opens the bowl like. If the total score of 3 dice is from 4 to 10, it will be Under. If it’s from 11 to 17, it’s Tai.

Basically, this game is quite easy to play, anyone can play right away, no need to calculate too much. But before entering the game, you should also read the rules of the game to enter the game more confidently.

2.The game rules of Big Sic Bo BK8

Knowing the rules of Big Sic at BK88 is also a way for you not to be confused when placing bets. The rules of this game are quite easy to understand as follows:

Each table only needs to have more than 1 member for the game to start.

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In the game, the player has 20 seconds to choose which door to bet on.

In a bet, you can bet on 1 or more bets, unlimited.

After 20 seconds of betting, the dealer will roll the dice and open the bowl.

If you bet correctly, the bonus amount will be equal to the payout ratio x the amount bet on that door.

Xem : Xổ số Bk8

3.Betting doors in Big & Small BK8

As mentioned above, in this game players will have many different bets to choose from. You just need to bet money on the bet that the house offers. Here are the options for you in a bet:

Over: Bet on this door if you think the total score of 3 dice after opening the bowl reaches 11-17 points.

Under: Bet money on this door if you predict the total score of 3 dice between 4 – 10 points.

Even Door: Bet on this door if you think the total of 3 dice will be an even number.

Odd: Bet on this BK8 Over & Under if you think the total of 3 dice will be odd.

Total: This bet is for those who correctly predict the total score of the 3 dice will be.

Door 1 correct number: That is, you bet for sure that 1 number will come out on one of the 3 dice.

Exact 2-digit door: Similarly, you predict 2 numbers will appear in 3 dice.

Correct 3-digit door: You correctly predict 3 numbers will appear on 3 dice when opening the bowl.

Double bet: Choose this bet if you think there will be 2 identical numbers appearing in 3 dice.

Triple bet: If you predict that all 3 dice will have the same number of points, then bet on this door.

4.The secret to playing Unbeatable BK8 Over and Under

Tai Sieu is an easy game to eat but also easy to lose. If you do not have a reasonable playing strategy, do not keep your spirit when playing, it is easy for you to get caught up in the game and lose big when it’s not good. So, if you want to earn money from the house of BK88VN, please refer to the tips below of the players.

4.1 Playing Big Sic with a fold bet

Folding bets are quite popular bets in card games and betting today, including Big and Small BK8. Accordingly, players will only bet for 1 door only. Bet until you win then stop. If the previous bet loses, the next game will double the money. This way of playing will help you not to lose capital and still receive profits. But you must persevere to the end, otherwise it will be lost.

tim hieu tai xiu bk8

4.2 Checking to predict Big and Small

Similar to playing the lottery, you can also apply the way of looking at the bridge to find the bet that is likely to return in the next bet. By basing on the results of previous bets. If you notice that they are coming out according to a certain rule, immediately catch this bridge, the possibility of winning will be very high.

That’s some basic information about BK8 Tai Chi, one of the most popular games today. Those of you who love games with high risk, great reward rate, experience it now for a chance to win a lot of money with just a few bets.

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