How to Play and Tips for Playing 3-Card Scratch Cards to Always Win the Game

Are you a person who is looking to learn how to play and how to play 3-Card Scratch cards to always win? Then the bettors have come to the right place! In this article, we will provide the necessary knowledge to help bettors become a master in this game. Let’s explore together!

1. Overview of everything about 3-Card Scratch cards

Before learning how to play and tips on Scratch, let’s see how this game is defined.

1.1Introduction to the card game Scratch

In English, the Scratch card is also popular with the name “Three card Poker”, roughly translated as three card or three cards etc. In Vietnam, these are common names used in Southern communities, while Northerners use the way to call Cao Lieng cards more.

In addition, when introduced into the casino system, the 3-card Scratch card is also known as the 3-card hand, the Poker card or the Point card. Therefore, if you see card tips with related names, bettors do not hesitate to learn to expand their knowledge.

The rules of Scratch Cards are based on the comparison of scores between the participants in the game or between the dealer and the player. All players, including the dealer, are only dealt 3 cards each when playing. It also shows that winning or losing largely depends on red and black luck.

1.2 How is the traditional 3-card Scratch card played?

After understanding what Scratch is, to be able to apply the most effective card tips, let’s continue to explore the traditional 3-card playing with 789BETs. In this way of playing, people often prescribe two basic types of Scratch cards and Turtle Scratch cards as follows:

1.3 How to play Turtle Scratch card

In this game, the gameplay is designed in the style of “biggest eats socks”. This means that everyone participating in the game must place an equal bet before it starts. After flipping and comparing points, the participant with the highest number of buttons wins the rest of the bets.

Screenshot 2

If two players tie, the betting bonus will be split. If more than one player is tied, a draw will be held to determine the winner.

1.4 How to play Scratch cards

In this game, one player will collect money like the dealer. The rest of the house will take turns comparing cards with this person. When winning, the bettor will receive a bonus based on the bet level, otherwise, the entire bet must be returned to the house.

2. Scratch card tips that every player should keep in mind

Here are some tips on how to play 3-card Scratch cards that you should not ignore when participating in betting at 789BET:

2.1 Card Tip #1: Stay calm in any situation

Psychology is a very important factor when playing three cards. When participating in gambling, it is necessary to show confidence, calmness and not allow other players to recognize the cards you are holding.

Screenshot 3

Many people often tell each other that the masters always keep their mentality unchanged in the midst of life. Therefore, whether you decide to play online or live Scratch cards, a clear mind will help the betting process have more better strategies.

2.2 Mastering the rules and rules of the house 789BET

Not all card game rules at the bookie are the same, and so are 3-card hands. Be aware that each casino has different game rules and withdrawal and bonus payment methods. Therefore, players should learn carefully before participating and apply other card tips.

2.3Play the minimum

New players as well as experienced players should choose the minimum bet to participate. This is the secret to help you increase your chances of winning by participating in more hands. In addition, the small amount does not put too much pressure on players when participating in betting.

2.4 Good judgment

Judgment is an important factor in winning or losing when betting, so bettors try to use card tricks such as fooling or blinding if possible.

Screenshot 4 1

For Scratch, if you think your score is good enough to win, confidently choose Poker. In addition, it is also an effective psychological attack to make the opponent believe that your hand is very good.

2.5 Card tips to be sure – Know who knows you

You will always be a smart bettor when you know when to stop. In the end, Scratch is still a game of chance, so don’t set too much expectations and put all your capital to win.

Going all-in is always a very risky option, so watch carefully to balance your bets and play calmly.

Above are all the ways to play and tips for playing the most effective 3-card Scratch card from the betting experts of the house card game. Hopefully through this article of ours has helped you conquer this subject of Scratch.

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