How to play seahorse chess – Asia’s No. 1 stable playground

How to play seahorse chess keonhacai5? This is one of the quite common questions in the Casino world today. With unique and attractive gameplay, through dice boxes. Players need to calculate how their movement boxes are created in a reasonable way. From there, we will have the upper hand in winning the first box, and will achieve the final victory of the game.

So, how does this seahorse chess sport work? Today, admin will fully share with you guys.

Overview of seahorse chess

Seahorse chess is a playground with dramatic gameplay no less than horse racing. However, here players will rely on their calculations, through dice to find suitable turn boxes, thereby winning in the best way in this playground.

The player who has enough 4 knights to enter the stables in the order 1-2-3-4 will be the winner. This subject requires players to have the skill to skillfully roll the dice, because if you do not calculate the probability of returning to the cage the fastest, you will easily be kicked out of the cage by the next player. , and have to start over at box 1 from the beginning.

In addition, to be able to participate in the game in the best way as well as understand more about the game. Admin would like to invite you to follow along with the following operations of the department.

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Overview of how to play seahorse chess

At each betting platform, you will have different simple operating options. The same goes for seahorse betting. If you clearly understand the rules of the game, the table will have an advantage over your opponents, in gaining a general victory.

Detail of the seahorse chess board

The seahorse chess board has squares spread over 12 square meters in all equal aspects, the pieces are evenly divided into 4 outstanding colors from Blue, purple, red and yellow. In addition, there are some following specialties

  • Any 2 dice, to support the making of decisive winning moves as well as the operation of the game
  • 1 small bowl: This is where the dice will be stored for you, we will spin the dice right above the dice boxes.
  • 4 typical horse pieces: You will own a total of 16 seahorse pieces, each horse piece will have 4 similar colors out of a total of 4 different pieces. At this time, it will be easy for you to distinguish which pieces are yours to support the best movement in the game.

With simple and streamlined designs, seahorse chess is considered one of the support tools that is more attractive than other subjects such as Chinese chess or Go.

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The popular way to play seahorse chess today

In addition to knowing the supporting boxes of seahorse chess, the important thing is the practice of the game. You will know through the following content

  • Start: You will choose the first person to roll any dice. The player with the higher bet or rock, paper, scissors wins, they will be the one to roll the dice and start their piece. The player whose dice have a ratio of 1:6, 1:1 will be the one to deploy and move
  • Development: On the move, if our piece rolls the dice. Coincident with the moving position standing on the opponent’s side, the brothers can kick their pieces back to the cage at the starting place. Normally, this is a way to play that is quite frustrating for the opponent ahead and it is also a certain amount of fun.
  • Entering the cage: After conducting 1 round according to the regulations, at this time the brothers will roll the appropriate dice corresponding to the number of cells displayed on the chessboard, the first cell will be the cell. number 6. So the fact that you need to roll out the number 6 on the dice is a weak regulation. And the remaining pieces are similar. The player whose number of boxes matches 4 steeds will be the winner.


Through sharing about believe brisket How to play keonhacai5 seahorse chess. Surely, you guys have partly understood the simple operating rules of this subject

Admin hopes that the above information and sharing will be useful. You guys will be confident on your way to conquering your war horse.

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