Is Blueprint MCAT Worth It?

For many MCAT students, Blueprint MCAT is the perfect choice. It has live sessions and high-quality materials, and is suitable for those who want to study independently. Those who are not traditional students will also find the course very beneficial. It also allows students to use mobile devices while studying. Despite being a relatively new course, it already has many positive reviews. Read on to find out what makes it a standout option for MCAT prep.

The Blueprint MCAT program’s team includes members of its Pre-Med Advisory Council, which provides mentorship for pre-med students. Advisors will help you choose the best options for learning. Their experienced tutors can help students of all skill levels and learning styles. The Blueprint MCAT program has received excellent reviews online. Among the advantages of Blueprint MCAT are its extensive course materials and expert tutors. Students can expect personalized attention from tutors.

The curriculum of the Blueprint MCAT course is divided into 240 learning modules covering all the subtopics of the MCAT. Each module includes video lessons, strategies, and quizzes. These learning modules focus on reasoning. The authors also feature discussion forums and a drag-and-drop schedule. This program helps students learn how to apply these concepts to the exam. However, it is important to keep in mind that Blueprint MCAT was previously owned by Next Step Test Prep.

The instructors of Blueprint are not afraid to get into the weeds, so you can ask questions and get answers right away. However, you should keep in mind that the lessons included in the Blueprint program are primarily useful if you already know the material or have tested out of it. The supplemental resources of Blueprint are perhaps the best part of the study guide. These lessons cover advanced analytics, answer changing habits, and a deep dive into a student’s weaknesses in each question subtype.

The Blueprint curriculum has an extensive and customizable QBank. With over 4,000 practice questions, the Blueprint QBank will help you ace the MCAT. The program also features a customizable study planner that lets you track your progress and make revisions as necessary. It also contains videos that teach the skills required to solve problems. You can also find tutorial videos to help you understand concepts. It’s important to use this tool in conjunction with Blueprint’s learning modules.

The Blueprint MCAT review team has evaluated the course to see if it has the necessary features to prepare for the MCAT. As a self-paced course, Blueprint MCAT provides an excellent overview of the exam. The instructors are live, so you can contact them whenever you need additional information. It is also important to keep in mind that the Blueprint MCAT course is offered in two options – live classes or online courses.

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