What is Dota 2 Boost and How does it work?

Money doesn’t buy happiness but it provides you with things that can bring pleasure. Like buying a super fast car you always dreamt of or buying a luxurious house that makes you feel out of this world. While the phrase itself is true because having money doesn’t make you feel happy, having things that bring feelings makes you happy. It also gives you a head start at anything that you want to get or learn because you can pay someone to learn things or pay someone to give you a headstart. 

While there are things that money can’t buy, we are not going to talk about them here. My point is that if you have money your life can get better easily. It doesn’t matter what you want if you have enough money you can have it. You might ask why I am giving you a lesson about money and its importance and leisures. So in this blog, we are going to talk about Dota 2 boost and how it works. And as with every service you buy this boosting service also costs money so that is why I gave the money lecture in the first few lines. In this blog we will discuss the process of boosting in Dota 2, what boosting is and how you can get it. I will also weigh down the pros and cons of boosting.

What is boosting:

Boosting is a service where you pay a professional booster to play on your account and increase your rank and in return, you give that professional an agreeable sum of money. Boosting is kind of a big thing now and most of the competitive games do have boosting services for them. If we talk about Dota 2 only then there are a few types of boosting present in the game. So there’s the simple Dota 2 Boost then there’s a duo boost which you’ll play alongside with the booster and lastly there’s the behavior score booster. So in total, there are 3 types of boosting in Dota 2. 

Why would somebody buy it:

You might ask why anybody would pay for this. Whether you are a competitive gamer or not you can not deny the fact that these games have an immense amount of competition with each rank you have to play “tryhard” and strategically do everything by the book to gain a slight advantage over your enemies. In short, as the game grows the competitiveness and the player gets more and more emulous as each rank goes. So if one wants to have a good rank without that much hustle what choice does he have? This is where boosting companies come they provide this kind of player boosting in exchange of money. That’s why I had given the money lecture at the start. 

Now by giving them this sum of money, the players can get any rank of their choice without lifting a finger. 

Should you buy it:

Buying boosting or not is a personal decision because no one should or could force you to buy things that you don’t need or want. But if you are confused about whether you should buy boosting or not then I can clear things up. So if you are new to the game and just want to play it and get good at it then I would suggest you hire a level 1 or 2 coach this way not only you learn faster but you will grow much as an individual in Dota 2. But if you know how to play the game but can’t get any better at it or just can’t reach your desired goal then I would suggest you buy boosting because not only will you get a good rank but you will also get better at the game because now you would have higher skill level teammates and opponents which will help you to upskill faster.

Where you should buy from:

There are a lot of websites that sell Dota 2 boost like, MMR boosting, etc. so it solely depends on where you want to buy your boosting from. Most of the websites are trustworthy and have good reviews on them. But if you are not buying from the website for whatever reason and have decided to not buy from a website then I would suggest you buy only from a reputable source because you don’t want to lose your account and most probably your main email for a few dollars. 

Pros and Cons of Boosting:

Like everything else in the world boosting also has a side coin. Here are some of the advantages and drawbacks of boosting:


  • The easiest way to rank up.
  • Soundest chance of getting the best rank.
  • Great shot at being good at the game.
  • Bragging right.


  • Could lose your rank if you don’t put effort yourself in the game.
  • Can lead to unsatisfactory feelings.

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