Explore in detail the Difference Between European Handicap and Asian Handicap

Currently, soccer betting attracts the attention of many players. To meet this need, the Bookmaker NEW 88 has brought many different types of bets. Among them, European odds and Asian odds are the two most popular and chosen types. However, many people new to betting often have difficulty distinguishing between these two types. The article below will help you better understand the differences between European handicaps and Asian handicaps.

Overview of Asian handicaps and European handicaps

Before exploringThe difference between European odds and Asian odds, please familiarize yourself with these two types of bets first. Here is some basic information about each type that players should know.

What is European handicap?

European Handicap is a popular type of bet in European countries because its name says it all. This is a type of bet where the player only cares about the final result of the match. The ultimate goal is to predict whether the result will be Win, Draw or Loss without paying attention to the specific score. This is also one of the differences between European odds and Asian odds.

New players often prefer this type of bet because of its simplicity and ease of playing. Because the result can only belong to 1 of 3 options, the equal win rate is 33.33%. This type of odds often attracts new players at bookmakers, while veteran players often choose Asian odds to create more fun.

What is Asian Handicap?

This type of bet is often chosen by experienced people, because of its complexity and challenge. For bettors, this is an opportunity to show off their intelligence and tactical skills in sports betting. Participating in Asian handicap requires players to “match wits” with the house and use both luck and skill in betting.

Betting times cover the first and second half and do not include extra time. The bookmaker will give handicaps for strong and weak teams, based on their analysis of the situation and strength of the participating teams. The strong team will have to handicap, while the weak team will have a handicap. Players need to pay attention not only to the final result but also to the score of the match to participate in Asian handicaps.

Summary of the differences between European odds and Asian odds

To help new players better understand these two types of bets, we will review the typical and important differences between them.

Origin was born

It seems completely different, but these two types of bets are deeply related to each other. European Handicap is the original basis of Asian Handicap but has since been transformed and developed to create a more strategic betting experience for players. The difference between them comes not only from the time of their creation but also from the constant evolution and adjustment of betting rules.

Probability of winning

The difference between European odds and Asian odds is also shown in the probability of winning. In European handicap, players only have three simple options: Win, Draw or Lose. For example, if you bet 200,000 VND for team A to win with odds of 1.9 and the result is correct, you will receive (200,000 x 1.9) + 200,000 = 580,000 VND. The winning rate of this type of bet is always at a fixed level of 33.33%.

Meanwhile, Asian handicap offers from 3 to 6 different handicaps so players have more choices. You can choose to bet on the same ball (no handicap), 1 ball on the same ball (1-1 score), 1/2 ball, 1/4 ball, 2 ball on the same ball,… This leads to many different betting results. such as win, lose, draw or halfwin, half lost. This is the most special difference between European odds and Asian odds.

Although the winning rate of European handicaps may be higher, Asian handicaps offer exceptionally high payout rates. Choosing the appropriate bet type depends on the player’s understanding and the specific match situation.

Betting knowledge

Because the betting methods are different, the difference between European odds and Asian odds in terms of information to know before placing a bet is also not the same. When participating in European betting, bettors only need to care about the final result of the match. Therefore, the information needed to make bets will also be less. Players only need to consider the teams’ performance, confrontation history, home and away fields.

Meanwhile, when participating in Asian handicap betting, bettors need to research the information more carefully. Players need to know about the players’ recent performance, expected lineup, weather factors, rankings in the scoreboard, etc. A better understanding of this information will help you predict odds more accurately. and increase your chances of winning bets.

How to read odds

The difference between European odds and Asian odds is also shown through the betting tables. European odds are often represented by the 1×2 symbol. In particular, number 1 represents the home team, number 2 represents the away team and the x symbol symbolizes a draw between the two teams. Players will look at three columns representing three win, lose or draw situations and place bets based on their predictions.

On the other hand, Asian Handicap includes many different small betting options such as 0.25 handicap, 0.75 handicap, 1 goal, 2 goals, etc. To read this bet, players need to consider the number of handicaps given by the house. Based on this information, bettors will make appropriate betting decisions.

How to calculate winnings and losses

Calculating winnings and losses is also a difference between European handicaps and typical Asian handicaps. Online betting odds for matches often vary significantly. Therefore, players need to conduct detailed research on each type of bet to make the most accurate decision.

For example, in the case of European odds, the team with the higher odds will receive a fairly low bonus if there is a difference in strength. Meanwhile, Asian Handicap will always maintain maximum balance in prize money between the two teams.

Name and bet symbol

The names and expressions of the two types of bets: Asian and European odds are easy for players to recognize. European odds are often denoted by 1×2, while Asian odds will be called Handicap odds, with the corresponding symbol HDP.

In addition, players can recognize the difference between European odds and Asian odds by looking at the goal score. Asian Handicap allows players to rely on the difference in goals between the two teams to evaluate the result. Meanwhile, European handicap allows players to rely on the final result of the match to determine a win, draw or loss.

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Which bet should I choose for European and Asian odds to win easily?

Based on the differences between European odds and Asian odds presented above, you can easily distinguish these two types of betting odds. Thereby, it is easy to choose a bet that suits personal preferences. However, to make smart decisions, consider some of the following notes before placing your bet.

According to the psychology of most players, Asian handicap is often more popular because of the higher possibility of winning bets and drawing with the house. However, for experienced players who want to be sure of winning, combining both types of bets is the optimal way to increase profits to the maximum level.


All the differences between European odds and Asian odds have been summarized in detail in the article above. Through this information, bettors must have found themselves a suitable option to bet. Don’t forget to apply playing experiences from masters to optimize your winnings and make great money!

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