Supermarket 23 is the Best Market Place in Cuba

In the recent elections in Cuba, the opposition has hailed the success of supermarket 23 as a breakthrough for democratization. Although the government has been suspicious about the store’s business practices, there is no evidence that it is a fake. But the emergence of foreign investors in Cuba has prompted more scrutiny of government companies. In addition, the country is facing an economic crisis, with inflation on the rise. Nonetheless, supermarket 23 is a positive development, with a high percentage of the population living in poverty.

Supermarket23 is the most profitable business in Cuba during the current economic crisis. The store sells basic products for outrageous prices, such as sugar. A 50 ounce bottle of syrup will cost you more than four times the amount at a local store. Nevertheless, many Cuban emigrants with higher incomes are willing to pay such high prices for essential goods. Moreover, the prices of basic products are higher on Supermarket23 than at state stores, making the shopping experience even more challenging.

The Supermarket23 web interface resembles that of the Correos of Cuba. It offers a wide variety of goods for purchase and shipping. It also offers envios to Cuba. This service is available for those who wish to buy groceries in Cuba but cannot travel to the island. Nevertheless, it requires registration and you must be a Cuban citizen in order to buy products from Supermarket23. In order to make your online shopping experience as smooth as possible, you should register as a customer. The website also accepts all major credit cards.

Besides being a US company, Supermarket23 is registered in Miami, where the store’s business is illegal. It is also not allowed to sell certain products in Cuba, including cubanos. This supermarket has also failed to deliver their goods to Cuba. According to Cubanet, Supermarket23 is linked to Alcona, a company that belongs to the Flora y Fauna group, which is led by a former revolutionary commander.

While the prices of their products may not be comparable to those of those in the US, you’ll find great deals on groceries in Cuba. You can also take advantage of Supermarket23’s fast delivery system. Once you’ve ordered your groceries from the supermarket, they will be shipped to any Cuban municipios. You can even pay using your credit card without having to leave the comfort of your home. However, you may find the selection limited.

The prices vary according to the product, but they are generally lower than the American prices. Moreover, Supermarket23 features a selection of local products, including those from the military group GAESA. There are also plenty of domestic brands, including Conchita sauces, Mayonnaise, Sanitec toilet paper, Ciego de Montero sodas, and more. These companies have become a key part of democratizing Cuban shopping, which is important for both the locals and tourists.

The company is known for trading in Cuban goods and employs local workers. In addition to local workers, the company is also populated by prominent Cubans, including the son of the late diplomat Gustavo Mazorra. In addition, two of the three principal officers of Treew have close connections with Alcona, Cuba’s largest private bank. These connections are part of the reason for the store’s apparent popularity. There are many reasons for this.

Visiting Cuba is a great way to enjoy the country’s unique culture and food. Although many major international channels do not speak cuban, most of these supermarkets are still a huge part of life. You can visit them for food, shopping, or entertainment. The online version of these stores offers more than a simple grocery store. It also offers a recarga service to deliver products and make reservations for restaurant and excursion tours.

It’s a great idea to buy a few necessities at the supermarket. You can get everything you need from fresh produce to prepared meals and luxuries. However, you should also plan carefully before shopping, as’s main priority is customer satisfaction. If you plan to shop here regularly, you’ll find the store has many promotions, including buy one get one free sales. This means that you can buy a number of items and save money at the same time.

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