The Full Form of ACC

The full form of ACC refers to the Associated Cement Companies. The company was founded in 1984 and was awarded the ASSOCHAM Award in 1976. Its staff comprises of young CSR professionals who have a keen interest in improving the social conditions of surrounding villages and tribes. ACC’s welfare programme targets various aspects of village life, including healthcare, cleanliness and the preservation of local crafts. This article explains the full form of ACC and outlines its significance.

ACC stands for “Ancillary Cadet Core.” This abbreviation represents the word “Actually”, “Account,” and ‘Really’. The word ACC was originally used to describe a military school for boys, though it has since expanded its scope to include other social classes. The term ‘corps of cadets’ was coined to describe the student body of a military academy.

ACC is a commonly used abbreviation in the Community and religion fields. However, there are several other meanings of ACC. The table below contains the meanings of all possible variants of ACC. Check out the full form of ACC in Hindi to learn more about this abbreviation. If you’re looking for a short form of ACC, the data table below will help you find it.

ACC is an internationally recognized cement company that has been around since 1864. ACC was rated the Most Admired Company of India by Fortune India and Hay Group India in 2013, and the FICCI Sustainability Prize in 2009-10. In 2014, the company launched a Waste Heat Recovery System at Gagal, Karnataka, and this marked significant strides in energy conservation. ACC also implemented technology in its operations, including GPS and RFID technology to speed up truck turnaround times.

The full form of ACC is a common abbreviation used for “Actually” and “Literally” or “Account.” It is most commonly used in online communications. It is usually used to clarify something that was previously stated or assumed. The majority of people who use this abbreviation are teenagers and young adults. Older people rarely use it. So, it’s important to know the full form of acc before using it.

ACC is an acronym for the Associated Cement Companies. It is one of the largest cement producers in India and is headquartered on Maharishi Karve Road in Mumbai. ACC has seventeen cement factories and sixty ready-mixed concrete plants across the country. The company also has a widespread distribution network and sales offices throughout the country. Its mission is to be a reputable enterprise in the cement industry. With this mission in mind, it is no wonder that ACC is a leading company in cement technology.

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