What should the future landowner know?

A man decided to build his own house in a suburban area. Where to start? Naturally, from the purchase of a plot of land. However, buying land for development is always associated with an investment significant funds. How to achieve that the money was not spent in vain and ultimately brought profit to the owner?

Practice shows that real estate does not exist in the same hands for more than 5-6 years. This is explained by many reasons. One owner has improved his financial situation and wants to buy land in a more prestigious place, another is not satisfied with the size of the plot, and the third has changed the composition of the family or relations with neighbors. There are other reasons behind the constant rotation of land in the real estate market. At the same time, the sale of a plot of land can bring tangible benefits to the owner, or on the contrary, it may not even allow returning the money originally invested in it. In order for the purchase or sale of land not to turn out to be a loss-making enterprise, you should know what its market value consists of.

Location. This fundamental indicator includes several characteristics, the most important of which is proximity. Land within a 30-kilometer zone is considered the most expensive. However, the small distance from the city does not mean the convenience and speed of communication with it. Therefore, when evaluating the land, great attention is paid to the presence of a large transport highway with a well-organized and well-established infrastructure that ensures unhindered and safe movement of motor vehicles.

The environmental situation plays far from the last role in our time.

With regard to the aesthetic indicators of the natural landscape, it is difficult to define strict evaluation criteria. Despite the fact that the preference is traditionally given to plots for development in the forest massif, there may be other attractive options for the natural environment: the beautiful topography of the area, the presence of a reservoir, the neighborhood of an ancient nobleman’s estate, which is a monument of architecture, etc.

Possibility of connection to existing engineering communications . As a rule, land in the neighborhood is bought for the purpose of building a house for permanent residence of the family. In this case, the need for own developed utility system is obvious. At the same time, the actual presence of a sewage or heat energy system to which the future house can be connected is not enough. It is important that the needs of housing in engineering support meet the nominal capabilities of the existing communications system.

The plan for the future development of the district and the territory allocated for development can significantly affect the commercial attractiveness of the land, both in the direction of increasing and decreasing its value.

Adequacy of the social environment . When choosing a permanent place of residence, the question of who will live next to you and in what environment your own children will grow up is right on time. Recently, the general cultural level of wealthy people has increased significantly, and the absolute majority tries to live in harmony with their neighbors. And yet the socio-cultural composition of the population of the emerging cottage village is still of great importance. At the same time, the fact of purchasing a plot in one or another place by people known in society (for example, representatives of the business, political or cultural elite) can lead to an increase in the value of the land.

At the same time, by acquiring a plot of land for private ownership, the developer himself can influence the increase in its value in case of possible subsequent resale. Here we are talking, first of all, about the correct use of land. A rationally planned and developed site, which has the necessary engineering support, will certainly increase its value. If you add to this a functionally designed and competently built house, organically integrated into the surrounding landscape, the price will increase even more. Therefore, having invested a significant amount in the purchase of land, you should not save on the services of professional architects – siding contractors in kc in volume and landscape design.

A special place in the purchase of land is control over compliance with the necessary legal norms. Representatives of solid real estate structures warn that there are many subtleties in the matter of land acquisition. Realization of land acquisition (that is, the transfer of land from state ownership to private ownership) is a complex multi-stage process that involves the sequential participation of various state structures and requires the implementation of many administrative and legal measures. The situation is complicated by the absence of a valid Land Law, so the entire procedure is based on by-laws. In such conditions, the violation of one or another stage in the scheme of passing documents may lead to unforeseen consequences in the future. Therefore, it is necessary that the purchase of land be preceded by a thorough check of all legal documents.

The law of the real estate market says that the owners of the plot can change, but the land remains. Therefore, the role of a realtor is not only to bring the seller and the buyer together. A serious real estate organization is interested in competent verification of all legal aspects of land acquisition and transfer of only reliable information to the buyer. In addition, the future landowner will be given comprehensive consultations on the correct use of the land, aimed at increasing its market value.

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