Discover the 3C card game for prizes – The hottest game of 2023

3C card game for prizes is currently an online card game genre that is popular with many bettors today. With modern gameplay and top-notch sound graphics, this game helps bring exciting moments of entertainment to bettors every day. Together Top1gamebaidoithuong Discover details about this attractive prize exchange card game genre.
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Overview of the 3C card game for prizes

The 3C card game for prizes has never lost its appeal in the online game market in the Vietnamese market. Ranked in the list of top reward games, 3C always scores points for its ability to attract online players. In particular, compatibility on both computers and mobile phones has opened up many flexible options for gamers.

Game genre provided

Entering the world of 3C, players feel like entering a miniature casino, with many interesting games. The appeal of 3C games comes from classic red and black games such as Tai Xiu, Xoc Dia, On Under, as well as traditional games Mau Binh, Phom, Chan, Tien Len Mien Nam, Lieng, Sam Loc. Along with that, internationally famous games such as Mini Poker, Slot Game, Jackpot, Poker,… are also fully present.

The new updated version also adds attractive games such as High – Low, Mini Poker, Cao Boi, Co Mo and many other games. This creates a safe and engaging online gaming world where players not only have more entertainment but also the opportunity to earn coins.

Issuing unit

3C Club is the main publisher of 3C games – a company specializing in online entertainment. With a reputable and popular game portal, 3C Club has created trust from players. With a variety of game products and eye-catching graphics, they have attracted players of all ages, especially young people.

Release date

The 3C card game was launched in early 2021 (March 6, 2021) and from the early days has received a lot of love from the gaming community. The appeal of this game has maintained its position in the list of highly rated and useful games for players.

Player age

3C card game with prizes is limited to player age. Members participating in the game must be 15 years of age or older, knowledgeable about technology and online entertainment. Although the money used in the game is virtual money, players still have the opportunity to receive real rewards through diverse methods such as scratch cards or cash, connected to bank accounts.

Advantages of conquering players of the 3C card game for prizes

The 3C card game for prizes is currently having a huge number of downloads on online gaming applications. Possessing many superior features, this game always captures the hearts of players. Let’s take a look at some of the outstanding strengths of this game with Top1gamebaidoithuong.
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Smooth gaming experience

3C card exchange game is optimized to ensure a smooth experience, even when you have poor network. Lag does not occur, helping you focus on the game without interruption.

Keep Gold safe

The development team has integrated advanced gold preservation features when you experience sudden connection loss. This ensures that players do not lose the valuable rewards they have accumulated.

Beautiful interface

The 3C card game for prizes has a sophisticated and friendly graphic interface that helps you easily learn how to play and participate in the experience. Not only does it help create a mark for the game, but it also creates comfort for players.

Simple gameplay

Game 3C allows you to participate directly without complicated registration. Game operations are designed to be smooth, making it easy for you to participate and enjoy the game.

Attractive rewards

In the 3C card exchange game, players will be rewarded with gold daily and have the opportunity to upgrade to VIP membership to receive more gold. You can accumulate gold and redeem rewards when you reach a certain level, and the rewards will get bigger and bigger as you climb higher levels.

Not only gold rewards, 3C game also gives away hundreds of valuable gifts such as Sh motorbikes, iPad tablets, iPhone smartphones and free scratch cards. A series of monthly events are also held to thank active players on the system.

Connect to the community easily

Bettors will have the opportunity to interact with top gamers across the country. This creates a diverse and exciting playing environment where you can learn and challenge yourself.

Instructions on how to exchange rewards in the 3C card game

Experiencing the 3C card game with rewards, bettors can collect gold to exchange for attractive rewards which is an important part of the experience. Below are detailed instructions on how to redeem rewards in the game:

During the game, you will try to accumulate as much gold as possible. Each reward level will correspond to a level of gold that needs to be achieved. For example, to redeem rewards you need at least 75,000 Gold.

The bonus levels vary in value and depend on the amount of gold you accumulate. Bonus levels are usually designed to reflect your dedication and achievements in the game.

Game 3C has the lowest exchange rate of 75,000 Gold and the highest exchange rate of 300 million Gold. This means that you can redeem rewards from small items like scratch cards to big rewards like an iPhone 6S.

To redeem rewards, you need to become a VIP member. VIP membership level can be achieved by recharging game cards to upgrade. However, even if you are not a VIP member, you can still redeem items like scratch cards.

If you want to redeem a specific reward, please contact the 3C card game hotline. They will assist you in getting the item or reward you desire.


Above is all the information about 3C card game for prizes is popular with many Vietnamese bettors. With simple gameplay and attractive gameplay, this game promises to bring exciting moments of entertainment every day. Visit Top1gamebaidoithuong to learn more titles card game with rewards The most popular today.

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