New88 online cockfighting betting makes huge money

Online cockfighting betting New88 has long become a familiar address for online cockfighting enthusiasts. Compared to traditional cockfighting, New88 owns a cockfighting hall with many outstanding advantages such as vivid sound, beautiful graphics, high payout rate and a series of extremely attractive incentives. The following article will provide instructions Online cockfighting betting New88 for newbies, let’s follow along!
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What is New88 online cockfighting betting?

New88 is an online gaming website belonging to M.A.N Entertainment – a famous Asian betting group headquartered in Manila, Philippines.New88 licensed and closely monitored by the International Line Betting Association to ensure all activities take place honestly and fairly.

Before joining the Vietnamese market, New88 had many years of “conquest” in difficult markets such as Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China… and quickly dominated the market here. Among the hot games at New88, it is indispensable Online cockfighting betting – the game improved from traditional cockfighting is increasingly gaining the trust of bettors because of its safety, convenience, security and top quality.

What is special about New88 online cockfighting betting?

Cockfighting is a folk game that has never ceased to be hot in the betting market. However, as you know, cockfighting betting has not been legalized yet, so people who are passionate about this sport are often worried and anxious for fear of being “questioned”. This is the reason why more and more people come to New88 to participate Online cockfighting betting. Here, you can watch live cockfighting matches at major cockfighting arenas in the Philippines and Cambodia and place bets at any time.

In fact, New88 is not the only bookmaker providing online cockfighting betting services but still dominates the Vietnamese market and is trusted by many people for the following reasons:

  • New88 has a large member base of more than 10 million people. This number has partly affirmed New88’s reputation and position in the online betting market.
  • All cockfighting matches at New88 are live streamed from the world’s leading cockfighting arenas in Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia… with the most advanced transmission quality, always ensuring all entertainment needs of bettors.
  • Highest payout rate on the market, diverse bets and countless attractive promotions.
  • Deposit and withdraw money after winning a bet super fast, just a few minutes later the money is back in your account. New88 supports most deposit and withdrawal methods such as: ATM, e-wallet, internet banking transfer…
  • The customer care department is available 24/7 on platforms such as hotline, telegram, facebook, zalo, live chat… to answer and help players as quickly as possible.

Experience playing New88 online cockfighting betting

Learn carefully the rules of New88 online cockfighting betting

Online cockfighting betting There are 4 basic forms as follows:

  • American cockfighting uses American bantams and is an extremely dramatic form of cockfighting, which is why it always attracts a large number of participants.
  • Knife and iron spur cockfighting is a fight between chickens with sharp spurs. These cockfights often end very early.
  • Peruvian cockfighting often brings eye-catching matches because this is a strong and aggressive breed of chicken.
  • Cockfighting is not as popular as the three forms above but is still extremely interesting and an unforgettable experience for participants.

Online cockfighting betting The 3 basic types of betting are as follows:

  • MERON: Bet the house’s cock will win
  • WALA: Bet the guest house’s chicken will win
  • BDD: Bet on 2 chickens being a tie

Research competition history

Before the match takes place, the house will specifically announce all competition information of the cocks. Players will rely on competition history to predict the strongest chickens and the highest likelihood of winning.
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Besides, cockfighting experts say that to bet correctly, players need to observe and choose the strongest chicken according to appearance criteria such as feather color or gait. A cock with dark feathers, a heroic gait, sharp eyes and no fear of the opponent is said to have a high probability of victory and is worthy of trust.

Above is an introductory article Online cockfighting betting New88 makes huge money. Quickly register an account at the house today to participate online cockfighting and brought home a huge prize. Wishing all cockfighting enthusiasts good luck and success.

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